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The Story Behind The Diablo Rojo Putter

I honestly believe that the feel you get from a ball coming off a wood face gives you the
most sensitive response, so you have better control and more confidence when putting.
It’s all about
The Touch! ~ Robert Richmond

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Robert, an avid lifetime golfer, was talking to furniture maker Jer Houston about designing a custom wood putter for his personal use, then possibly making these clubs on a limited basis for those players who would appreciate having a truly fine custom wood putter. They felt that most of the new putters on the market had become more about design for differences’ sake, looking more like gadgets than golf clubs, or were simply reconfigurations of the same old styles! The idea was to design a new wood putter that not only played well, but was a true example of the club maker’s art, combining classic beauty with exceptional performance. Ten years and dozens of prototypes later, they are now making one of the finest custom wood putters available today. While Robert focused on “The Touch,” that elusive sensitivity so critical in putter performance, Jer concentrated on the aesthetics, refining the design until they finally created the consummate putter; the perfect blend of form and function. The Diablo Rojo Putter!

After experimenting with several types of hardwoods, they decided that Cocobolo, an exotic rosewood grown in Central America, would make the perfect wood putter head. It’s density, natural beauty and exceptional durability make it an ideal choice for a fine wood putter. In addition, it is now being sustainably farmed, making it an environmentally sound choice.

Solid brass ends and sole plate were added for both weight and aesthetics. Then Tungsten inserts were installed to give the Diablo Rojo Putter just the right heel-toe weighting and balance to make it a precision putting tool. The Precision® double bend shaft and genuine leather wrapped grip complete the quality components that gives the Diablo Rojo its amazing sensitivity. You will feel the difference with the very first putt!

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